This website

Originally intended to be a repository for technical experiments, this turned into a chronicle of installation misery, and a hosting place for rants. Expect grumpy tales of broken APIs and software, ramblings about social justice, mental health, or whatever else crosses my mind. And maybe some coding once in a while. If my Twitter in long form sounds like something you'd like to read, this is the right place.


I was born in the north of France just in time to be swept up by the Pokémon fever. I grew up playing a lot of video games with my younger brother, reading way too many books, and eventually finding my way to programming.

After three years studying the craft, I moved to Sweden for an internship at EA DICE. I ended up spending a year working on UI for BF4, a year and a half as part of the Frostbite team, and finally a few months at Uprise. I then spent a few months working with Bitsquid, aka the Autodesk Stingray Stockholm team.

I'm a game engine coder at heart, who loves to provide technical solutions to enable creative people to realize their vision. My specific fields of expertise are low-level optimization, graphics programming and UI programming. Outside of coding, I hack away on game prototypes, play with fabric and thread, and dabble in watercolours.

Elsewhere on the web


I'm once again trying to keep up a Streak. Some of my work is also visible on my arts and crafts Tumblr and on Instagram.

Social stuff

I'm a loudmouth on Twitter. I only accept close friends on Facebook, so no use looking there. I'm also on LinkedIn. Finally, I have an extremely idle account on GitHub.