Hire me!

I am an experienced video game programmer, known for getting to the bottom of things and leaving my work functional, complete and solid. I highly value my users, whether they're other game programmers, designers and artists, or end users. I am mostly experienced in C++ and C# (WPF and Unity), but can pick up any technology quickly. See my portfolio for more details.

I can design and implement most types of game features. My work on Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront enabled the UI teams to get the exact look they were after, as well as critical in-game features. I've made several game prototypes for game jams and by myself.

I can analyze and resolve performance problems. I contributed to the massive performance and code size push on Battlefield 4. I worked on mobile platforms where performance is paramount. I know what tools to use and how to figure out what is slow, and how to make things faster without guessing.

I can transfer knowledge regarding my domains of expertise. I rewrote a considerable part of the UI documentation for Frostbite, and was praised by users for its quality. I provided expertise to the lead UI programmer of Star Wars Battlefront, allowing him to confidently implement more advanced graphics algorithms. I got all the C++ programmers at Uprise onboarded in half a day on a technology they barely knew.

I am based in Stockholm, Sweden in the CET timezone. However I prefer to work remotely, and my hours are flexible. I speak fluent French, English, and decent Swedish. I once spoke excellent German so could brush it up easily.

If any of this sounds like something you could use, contact me by email or ping me over Twitter. I check both very regularly.