Because Lia has a Baten Kaitos problem

This page is the kind of thing that happens when you're a nerd who got metaphorically clubbed over the head by a silly videogame as a teenager, and proceeded to turn into a game engine programmer with special interests. For now it's going to be a mix of index of twitter threads and resource repository, and we'll see what it becomes over time.

BK:EW playthrough semi-livetweet

From 2020-10-14 to 2020-12-24, I replayed through all of BK:EW, aiming for 100% completion and making obnoxiously long Twitter threads about the entire process. The final format ended up being something ressembling a text-based Let's Play.

The following is a list of all those Twitter threads, in chronological order. All the threads were complete last I checked them, but I've gotten a couple reports of Twitter poking holes in them occasionally. Let me know if something is broken. The entire thing comes with major spoiler warnings from the start, for all of EW and The Big Plot Twist in particular, because analyzing how it is and isn't signposted was a major part of the fun. Also contains strong opinions by a queer antifascist but if that bothers you I don't want you reading my stuff anyway.

Those threads include a ton of screenshots, all of which have alt-text for every textbox. There are also content warnings on the most egregious bits, but they are not necessarily extensive or sufficient for everyone! For example, because this a somewhat typical JRPG, solving problems through violence is constant and did not get tagged.

BK:EW, "Graphics programmers can't play games normally" edition

Fun glitches to investigate

  1. Emulator only:
  2. Confirmed on original hardware:
  3. Unknown:

Things to look into

Poking at it all in RenderDoc

Niche jokes and other shitposts

Game / lore resources

Game-specific technical resources

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